How it started

I have always been a huge candles enthusiast and it is only a few years back that I learned that all the (industrial) scented candles I was burning on a regular basis in my home were made of paraffin (a nonrenewable substance, derived from petroleum) and industrial fragrances which can emit toxins and lead to breathing issues. Studies show that some fragrances you can find in large world-renowned brands even contain carcinogenic and toxic substances which can disrupt hormones. Other common issues are regarding wicks that contain lead and as such can also be responsible of indoor air pollution.

As someone who has always been sensitive to the quality of air and prone to allergy symptoms (blocked nose, red eyes, headaches…), I had a history of paying attention to what I allowed in my space, and yet I had overlooked such an obvious cause to my symptoms. Did that mean I couldn’t burn scented candles anymore?

This is when I found vegan wax such as soy wax, a natural, biodegradable and renewable ingredient, and nontoxic fragrances that do not pollute indoor air and can be used by anyone (as opposite to essential oils for example, as some are not recommended around pregnant women). Making my own candles quickly became the best way to be able to burn high quality scented candles myself, but also to share them and those values of ecological, local and handmade products with like-minded people.

Quality handmade candles

Our Soy Wax candles are:

  • Natural and Eco responsible: we only use high quality nontoxic ingredients, and recyclable jars and packaging. We use European providers and work as locally as possible.
  • Intensely scented: we use 10% of fragrance from renowned perfumers from the city of Grasse in France, the world’s capital of perfumes. Most candles from the industry only contain a fraction of this.
  • Unique: our Signature Collection is a careful balance between creativity, care and passion. Creativity to offer you special candles like nowhere else, care to ensure only the best ingredients are used, and passion because it is handmade with love and demands long and extensive tests before we can present candles we are truly proud of. We only sell candles that would excite us if we saw it in a shop, and that we’d offer to our absolute best friends. They are also unique because, as they are poured by hand and topped with natural stones, no 2 candle is perfectly similar.
  • Built to last: we use high quality soy wax blends, wicks and fragrances to ensure that your candle stays with you for a longer time, as long as you respect basic candle care advice.
  • Fancy and magical: the natural stones, dry petals and/or biodegradable glitter used on the top of our candles as well as the carefully designed scents make magic happen. They are gorgeous to look at and help you bring your intents to life.

Self-care just became compulsory! In these times (and in any times), taking care of yourself and more specifically of your mental health is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. Whether you need to heal, rest, grow or raise to new challenges, whatever your intent is when you enter a self-care practice, we want to accompany you through it. And this is what we had in mind when we developed all our candles.

How to burn your candle properly

You might be surprised, but there are right ways to burn your candles so you can get the best of it, and it makes a huge difference:

- Make sure to always trim your wicks before burning your candle. You can use a trimmer, but it also works with a nail clipper, a small pair of scissors or in some cases just your fingers. It will keep the candle burning without any black sooth and provides a cleaner, longer burn time.
- Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time, but make sure to burn it long enough that the melted wax reaches all sides of the containers especially on the first burn. Wax has a memory, and burning it too shortly especially on the first burn creates tunneling, which reduces the life span of your candle.
- Ideally, do not blow out your candle, but use a candle snuffer or any tool that will turn the wick off (including wet fingers for the badass ones!). It will avoid smoke and potential soot in the wax.