Handmade Crystal Candles

Ecoresponsible. Handmade. Vegan & Non-toxic.

All of our candles are made with the best quality, vegan & non toxic products. They are handmade in Brussels and tested at length to guarantee the best performance.

The soy wax we use is of the highest quality and guaranteed without GMO or pesticides, and is 100% biodegradable and natural. It doesn’t give off any toxic substances and guarantees a healthy environment. It is also not tested on animals.

Our cotton and wooden wicks are untreated.

You'd be shocked to know how many toxic and harmful materials can be found in industrial candles - harmful for the environment but also for you health. We only use high quality nontoxic ingredients, and recyclable jars and packaging. We use European providers and work as locally as possible.

If you think using more natural materials means your candle isn't going to smell as good, think again. Our fragrances all come from the world’s capital of perfumes and are generously dosed (8 to 10%,depending on the scent). Most candles from the industry only contain a fraction of this.

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Indulge in the soothing and calming powers of crystals with Rose Quartz Candles' handmade crystal candles, made with love in Brussels, Belgium.

Personalized candles

Our candles are all handmade so by nature, unique. But they can also be customized to meet your needs or to make that perfect gift. Pick your wick, size, perfume and add some dry flowers or crystals: you're in charge! Overwhelmed by the many possibilities? Don't hesitate to reach out with your intention/idea and we'll make some propositions.

We also accept requests for Events (wedding, baby shower, corporate) and Wholesale.

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Meet the Maker!

Hi! I'm Lauriane. I have always been a huge candles enthusiast and it is only a few years back that I learned that all the (industrial) scented candles I was burning on a regular basis in my home were made of paraffin (a nonrenewable substance, derived from petroleum) and industrial fragrances which can emit toxins and lead to breathing issues. Studies show that some fragrances you can find in large world-renowned brands even contain carcinogenic and toxic substances which can disrupt hormones. Other common issues are regarding wicks that contain lead and as such can also be responsible of indoor air pollution.

As someone who has always been sensitive to the quality of air and prone to allergy symptoms (blocked nose, red eyes, headaches…), I had a history of paying attention to what I allowed in my space, and yet I had overlooked such an obvious cause to my symptoms. Did that mean I couldn’t burn scented candles anymore?

This is when I found vegan wax such as soy wax, a natural, biodegradable and renewable ingredient, and nontoxic fragrances that do not pollute indoor air and can be used by anyone (as opposite to essential oils for example, as some are not recommended around pregnant women). Making my own candles quickly became the best way to be able to burn high quality scented candles myself, but also to share them and those values of ecological, local and handmade products with like-minded people.

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Picture of Rose Quartz Candles shop owner, making handmade crystal candles, the perfect addition to any home for a touch of luxury and relaxation.